Say goodbye to complexity.

Swap old equipment for new thinking.

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Take your business to cloud nine.

Discover the revolutionary system built for you.

Phone systems and maintenance can be an expensive option, what a VoIP system gives you is the ability to have the same function and ability as a regular system, with half the cost.

Flexibility, manageability, simplicity. VoIP combines all of this whilst made to fit your business.

Once you’re up in the clouds, you don’t want come back.

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Is it really that good?

Yes. Yes it is.

To put it in perspective, a cloud based solution gives you the power of a Bugatti Veyron for the cost of Vauxhall Corsa.

Whether your company is large or small, cloud based services can be instantly set up and gives you the ability to manage the features.

Put your rainy days behind you, go to the cloud.

VoIP Features


Voice menu – direct your customers to the right phone.

Music on Hold

Customise a soundtrack for your customers to enjoy.


Like mail, but with your voice.


Helpful if your voicemails went to your email? Thought so.

Automatic Call Distribution

Your virtual PA. Hold, accept and queue calls.

Hunt Groups

Create a group of extensions, let the system hunt for a free one.


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