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UP to 24Mb broadband connections.

Can’t get Fibre? Get the next best thing!

Let us provide you with the fastest possible business ADSL broadband connection, and then provide you with a discounted upgrade as soon as fibre broadband becomes available in your area.

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Unlimited ADSL Broadband for business.

Our ultra-fast broadband package includes:

  • Data with no limits
  • Free high quality wireless router
  • Free e-billing and reporting
  • Free essential static IP
  • 24/7 UK-based support and customer service

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Ultra Fast

High speed internet access, with speeds of up to 18 times faster than a standard dial-up connection.

Save on your Bill

Pay one reasonable flat fee. No need to worry about excess charges or pay-per-min rates.

Phone and Internet

Make calls, receive calls or send faxes while online with our fantastic Business Broadband offer.

Always On

No need to connect every time you use the internet.

Reliable connections.

Easy installations.

Great support UK wide.

Additional Information

5G delivers broadband as it should be… but what, exactly, is broadband? Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection that helps keep businesses connected to the Internet.

A broadband connection can be delivered by copper wire – best known as ADSL – fibre, satellite, cable or mobile. A broadband connection, like a telephone line, is never switched off and can be accessed at any time.

You can enjoy a variety of Internet speeds depending on which broadband option you choose. Broadband speeds are measured in Megabits per second (Mbps) and refer to how quickly you can get information from the Internet to your computer (your download speed) and how quickly you can send information from your computer to the Internet (your upload speed). Browse Broadband packages.

ADSL comes from your local BT phone exchange via the copper telephone wires in your street. It is the most widely available broadband connection in the UK. Your ISP will test and activate the line for you.

The speed of ADSL broadband depends on your distance from the local telephone exchange. Signal deteriorates over distance, so the closer you are to your exchange, the higher your speed.

If your company is currently running on an ADSL connection, you might wonder if there’s any notable business benefits of even the relatively inexpensive upgrade to a standard fibre line, let alone a leased line. The answer from businesses who’ve already made the switch is there definitely is.

One reason why superfast connections are transformative is that they make cloud services practical in small businesses for the first time. Offsite online data backup helps businesses recover quickly when disaster strikes; accountancy and CRM packages can be bought for a reasonable monthly cost instead of an upfront outlay, with the provider normally bearing the responsibility of storing and backing up critical business data; and more employees can enjoy the benefits of remote working, with staff either able to access their work systems remotely or access data stored in cloud services.

You can get an estimate of your Broadband speed by contacting us on 01494 523 523. We will confirm the Broadband services available to you and give you an estimate of your maximum download speed.

This speed estimate is generated using telephone line data and it’s a theoretical upper limit for your line based on certain conditions. The speeds you experience on a day-to-day basis may be less than this and could vary at different times throughout the day.

Although you should get a maximum download speed for your broadband service, it is subject to a number of factors. These include:

  • The distance of your telephone line to your local BT exchange
  • The quality of the internal telephone wiring in your business
  • The age of your computer or broadband router
  • If you’re connected to the broadband router directly or via wireless
  • The number of applications or programmes you are running on your computer
  • The speed of the website you’re downloading information from
  • The number of people trying to download the same information as you from the same website
  • Weather conditions


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