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Protect your Emails

Cloud-based. Always-on and up-to-date protection without complexity.
  • Targeted threat protection
  • Spam and multi-layered malware protection
  • Secure messaging and encryption
  • Data leak prevention
  • Secure large file sharing
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Antivirus Protection

Don’t become the next victim of cyber attacks.
  • Potential vulnerability assessments
  • Risk consulting
  • Sensitive data protection
  • Endpoint security
  • 24/7 real time monitoring
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Backup & DR

Cloud-based. Always-on and up-to-date protection without complexity.
  • Offsite data storage
  • Ensuring data safety
  • Anytime data availability
  • Continuous data backups
  • Data loss is practically eliminated

Top priorities

Keep your system protection up to date and always have backups.

As well as keeping antivirus, firewall, application and OS software up-to-date, backing up key data regularly to offline hard drives should be a top priority, most cyber experts agree.

This is because data breaches and cyber-attacks are inevitable these days if you do not take preventive measures.

The bad news is that the average cost of a data breach globally stands at $4m (£3.1m), according to SailPoint, an identity management firm.

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Cyber Adapt Boss Kirsten Bay says firms should protect critical data first.

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Data Backup / DR

Need to keep your business data secure at all times?

Our process is achieved by sending your data securely, via the Internet, to a managed offsite data storage platform, ensuring that your valuable data is safe, secure and available anytime when needed.

The rationale behind online backup is simple. By frequent (or continuously) backing up data on a remote hard drive, the risk of catastrophic data loss as a result of fire, theft, file corruption, or other disaster is practically eliminated.

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