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What we do

5G Communications have years of experience in the design, installation and testing of structured cable installations that provide the infrastructure for today’s IT networks and telephone systems.

How we do it

Following a site survey, our expert engineers will carry out full network cabling installations, to ensure that you have continuity across the entire project.

We don’t only consider your immediate network cabling requirements, we help you plan and prepare for future expansion of your network. Your dedicated project manager will support you every step of the way offering experience based suggestions to ensure you are provided with the best network solution for your business.

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cat5e and cat6 installations

Cat5e/6 Network Cabling

5G can monitor virtually any aspect of your IT network infrastructure

5G Communications specialises in all sizes of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 and fibre optic cabling throughout the UK.

We are so confident our products and installation services are of the highest quality that we offer a 25 year manufacturer backed warranty on all new cable installations.

Whatever size network project you have, from a single additional outlet to a 5,000 point installation we can help.

Fibre Optic

Our in house fibre optic engineers have a wealth of experience in carrying out optical fibre network cabling, diagnostics and repairs at any location in the UK.

We supply and install fibre optic cables for numerous purposes both internally for network backbones and externally for building to building links. Our longest installation so far is 2km underground but we are ready to tackle any size fibre optic cable project no matter how large or small.

Underground & Overhead

We have extensive experience in providing underground and overhead premises network cabling. Our survey and engineering team have the network and cable installation expertise to plan and organise underground duct installation including footway and joint box building. Using specialist equipment our teams can provide any type of communications link including standard telephony, fibre optic and copper.

Our highly experienced telecoms team also successfully managed the transfer of the telephony circuits and data network connections to the new scheme with zero downtime – allowing our customer to continue to operate their business without any interruption.


Any company running more than one computer can benefit from setting up a network. When you have a network in place, you can share not only your broadband connection but printers, scanners, network drives and much more. A network enables you to store data and files in a centralised location whilst enjoying more efficient sharing and collaboration. You can even use scheduling software to arrange meetings and set up other activities with ease, so everyone is kept in the loop when something important is taking place.

The costs of having network cabling installed at your home or business premises can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the type of installation, the parts being used, the number of parts, the time taken to carry out the installation and the number of employees required to install your network. At 5G, we offer highly-competitive prices for professional network cabling services, so please get in touch to get a quote or arrange a consultation.

Cabling can last between 15-20 years before it needs to be replaced. The network equipment you need for your digital communications will need to be replaced around three or four times before your cabling system reaches the end of its life. Cabling will normally set you back around 15% of your complete network cost. By investing in the right cabling solutions for your needs, you can minimise downtime, cut down on maintenance and enjoy enhanced performance.
Some companies are opting for wireless solutions over the wired approach. There are various pros and cons attached to this. You won’t need to worry so much about fiddly, unsightly wires and will have more freedom when it comes to rearranging your office on a regular basis. You will also be able to provide customers, clients and guests into your network. The disadvantages of this solution are that you may face significant connectivity issues which may harm productivity. In most cases, those opting for a wired network can expect faster speeds, more dependability and greater cost-efficiency.

If you are transmitting or receiving a sizeable amount of data over your network, it’s extremely advisable to invest in at least one server. Servers give you greater control over your network and make the process of sharing data much more efficient and reliable. Again, help is available from MSE if you do require advice on purchasing the right server equipment for your particular needs. By working with a highly-reputable company trusted by a wide range of clients such as 5G, you can get all the support and impartial advice you need to create an office or business network you can depend on. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.


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