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Leased lines: What are they, and should I get one?

When it comes to broadband for your business, you’re not short on options. There’s ADSL, fibre optic broadband, FTTP, enterprise broadband - and leased lines.What's a leased line?A leased line is a dedicated broadband connection. Rather than sharing a broadband line with your neighbours - like you do with any other kind of broadband - [...]

Broadband Voucher Scheme for Rural Businesses

Broadband Voucher Scheme for Rural Businesses Business and residents in some of the hardest-to-reach places in the UK are eligible for additional funding towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable broadband to their premises when part of a group project. Rural premises with broadband speeds of less than 30Mbps can use vouchers worth up to £3,500 [...]

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Cloud

5 Reasons to move to the Cloud Introducing 5G Cloud 5G Cloud telephony brings all of the features you know and love from an on-premise phone system and delivers them through the cloud. 5G Cloud telephony is tailored to deliver reliable and simple communications to your desktop from our highly secure [...]

A Quick Guide to Network Infrastructure

A Quick Guide to Network Infrastructure The term network infrastructure refers to the equipment and software that keeps your business connected to the outside world and allows your PCs to talk to each other. If you’re reading this, you have at least some level of network infrastructure installed in your office. This article will [...]

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