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5G provide a full range of virtual, non-geographic telephone numbers.

Number provision is not just restricted to the UK, as our range covers countries around the world. This is in addition to our standard business telephone number service.

Golden phone numbers

Worth its weight in gold

Memorable business phone numbers are valuable to any business. Remember that directory advert with two moustache-sporting men? Well I’m sure you remember the number.

Get inside your customer’s mind with a golden phone number.

business phone numbers
Choose a number with any area code and expand your horizons

Local phone numbers, even if you’re not local

Choose a phone number with any area code and expand your horizons

Ever wanted a London office? Or fancied representing your company in the north? Well now you can.

Geographic phone numbers allow you to have a virtual phone number with a different area code, directed to your office.

Be everywhere, without moving.

Be global whilst local

08 phone numbers aren’t exclusive to the big boys

Any large, corporate company will have an 08 (0845, 0800, 0870 etc.) number but no matter what size your business is, so can you.

A non-geographic number is just this. For marketing, sales or even general enquiries, you can have one for next to nothing.

Large scale appearance, small scale price.

08 numbers aren’t exclusive to the big boys
If you’re on the move, don’t leave your lines behind

Looking to relocate?

If you’re on the move, don’t leave your numbers behind

Moving business to a new area and concerned you’ll lose your phone numbers? Leave your woes behind as we can keep them for you.

If you do need to relocate, we’ll convert the phone numbers to the cloud and then direct the calls to your new premises. It’s that simple.

New pastures with old phone numbers.

Phone numbers FAQ’s

It really depends on the type you choose. 0871 can earn you up to 4.5 pence per minute whereas 0845 do not earn a revenue and 0800 will cost your business money.

Number portability allows you to keep your existing business telephone number as your experiences change, i.e. changing service provider or moving business location.

As long as everything has been agreed and ordered, generally numbers become active the very next day. However, if your order is fairly complex, for example if you were looking for a memorable number, the process could take slightly longer while we strive to find the best available number for you.

Client testimonials

Polar Warm Wall Limited

Nick Quarm

“Sean, as always he has gone far and beyond, I would be more than happy to speak to Sean again about any future faults, it’s got to the point we might as well be friends.”

All Clear Water Solutions Limited

Ken Murtagh

“Tristan is the most helpful young man I have dealt with in a long, long time and he is an asset to the Company.”

Bluebird Care

Scott Browning

“5G are a fantastic company, from Sales to Tech Support but especially Sid in Engineering. Everyone works together and contacted me when they said they would.”

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