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What is fibre broadband?

Fibre Broadband is the undisputed King in the world of business broadband performance, unmatched by its old copper predecessors in speed, throughput and reliability.

Our Superfast Enhanced business fibre broadband help you do more business more quickly.

switching to fibre is easy with 5G Communications. Contact us today to check availability

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Switching to fibre broadband

A new way of communicating data

Fibre optics are revolutionising the way we communicate today allowing network providers to offer end users increased network capacity, bandwidth and transmission speeds. Whilst copper cabling systems will remain within the communications infrastructure for the foreseeable future, the increasing demand for network performance and bandwidth mean that the limitations of copper are becoming increasingly restrictive.

5G Communications provide expert engineers in all types of cable preparation and splicing, this includes fusion splicing, jointing and termination of both single and multimode cables.

switching to fibre is easy with 5G Communications. Contact us today to check availability
cable installation services for UK business clients

Cabling installation

Experts in installing data and voice network cabling

Our in house cable installation engineers have a wealth of experience in carrying out cable installations, diagnostics and repairs.

We supply and install cabling for numerous purposes both internally for network backbones and externally for building to building links. Our longest installation so far is 2km underground but we are ready to tackle any size cable project no matter how large or small.

Our pre-sales technical engineers can assist you with the exact type of broadband cable to meet your requirements. This will be dictated by the distance and bandwidth required. So whether you need single mode or multimode connections we can help and advise so you get the right broadband solution first time.

Get up to £3,500 grant for super-fast rural broadband

Are you looking to upgrade your connection speed this year, but worried about connection costs?

Business and residents in some of the hardest-to-reach places in the UK are eligible for additional funding towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable broadband to their premises when part of a group project.

Leased line broadband gigabit voucher scheme



Most of the fibre broadband in the UK is currently provided as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC). Where fibre is available it means that Openreach has laid a fibre cable from the exchange to the cabinet nearest your premises.

FTTC differs from standard broadband because most of your connection uses fibre connections from your green roadside cabinet to the rest of the Openreach network. The only part of the network to use copper (or sometimes aluminium) is the local-loop from the cabinet to your home or office.

Business Internet Fibre is:

Super-fast: Enjoy speeds up to 100Mbps

Flexible: We offer a choice of multiple service plans and full installation.

Reliable: Networks are secure, always available.

Quick deployment: Connecting or upgrading is fast compared to copper based broadband access services.

Convenience: We offer a true one stop shop from provisioning of the infrastructure to phone systems, IT and broadband for your business.

For the first few days after your broadband package has been installed, you may find speeds occasionally becoming faster or slower, or that you are sometimes disconnected. This is not a problem, as we test your telephone exchange to find the best balance between speed and reliability for your broadband.

If you believe your broadband speed is slower than expected, we advise stopping any applications on your computer that may strain your internet connection (such as high definition streaming or large file downloads) before testing your speed again.

If you find your broadband connection to be slower than normal, try our problem solving tips to identify the issue with your connection.

There are all kinds of reasons why a property can’t get a fibre optic connection. It may be because:

  • You live too far away from the nearest street cabinet
  • The phone line between your home and cabinet can’t support fast enough speeds
  • Demand in your postcode is high, and it’s full to capacity
  • The nearby terrain is too awkward to run cables – such as mountains, lakes, and islands
  • You’re in the middle of a major city centre where providers can’t rip up the pavement to install cables

There are schemes in place to get fibre broadband to as much of the UK as possible, so it’s certainly worth looking up whether it’s coming to your area in the near future. Contact us for more information.

For fibre broadband to be available, fibre optic cable must have been laid from the exchange to the cabinet nearest your home. Whilst Openreach are continually rolling out fibre broadband across the UK, the most densely populated areas of the country have been serviced first.

To check which broadband services are available in your area, contact us at 01494 523 523 and have your postcode and landline number in hand.

New customers can expect their fibre broadband service to be set up and running in 5–10 working days. If you’re switching over from another provider, there’s a 10-working-day minimum period and you’ll be able to select a setup date if you wish.

On your setup day, your broadband and telephone services will be disrupted for a short time while an engineer connects your service at the roadside cabinet. You will then be notified that your service is live so that you can set up your broadband router.

This depends on the needs of your business, including the number of devices using your broadband, how much data you’re uploading and downloading, whether you need a static IP address and how quickly you’d like IT support. For further advice use our live chat or call 01494 523 523 and one of our agents will help you choose.

Fibre is available in areas all over the UK and is continuously expanding into more areas as we grow our own network and onboard partners.

For advice use our live chat or call 01494 523 523 and one of our agents will help you choose the best option you have access to or discuss the alternative solutions where applicable.

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