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What is Mobile Twinning?

Mobile Twinning is a newer feature that is becoming very popular with many business telephone system users

Mobile Twinning is a feature on many business phone systems, or PBXs, that allow a user to link an external number to their desk extension. The external number is typically a cell phone, hence the term “mobile twinning” or “cell twinning”.

This means that whenever your desk phone rings, so too will your “twinned” phone. You can choose to answer the call on either phone at that point. If you don’t answer the call at all, your office phone system will pull the call back and put the caller in your work voice mail.

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Receive business calls wherever you are
Record every call that you receive on your mobile
Manage your calls more effectively with call forwarding
Appear as though you’re in the office at all times

5G Mobile Twinning gives you the power to receive business calls in any location, at any time on your business mobiles.

Mobile twinning results in higher levels of productivity and customer service while cutting down on the seemingly inevitable “telephone tag” we play when trying to get in contact with one another.

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