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What is iPECS One?

iPECS ONE is the next generation of mobile and & PC-based voice and video communications. PC users and IT managers no longer need to download applications and manage software releases with iPECS ONE on PCs. iPECS ONE is built on WebRTC, allowing PC-based users to setup voice, video and chat sessions quickly and easily from their browser. Mobile users will access iPECS ONE via an Android or iOS app (mobile phones only).

Why iPECS One?

iPECS ONE incorporates key communication elements designed to maximise user efficiency in terms of interactions with customers and colleagues:

  • Voice calls: Make, receive, and manage calls from your PC or mobile
  • Chat: Use instant chat to communicate and share media with colleagues on a one-to-one basis or via groups
  • Video: High quality 1:1 video sessions with colleagues where a chat session or voice call is not enough
  • Contacts: Quickly access and manage company and personal contacts from a PC or mobile
  • Call Log: Instant access to call history from a mobile or PC makes returning missed calls easy
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Benefits of iPECS One

iPECS One user video guides

iOS Mobile Using the Chat Functionality

Desktop log in & profile overview

Using chat on desktop

Desktop homescreen

Android user settings

Android Conference Call Setup

Android Mobile Using Group Chat


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