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    Call Management software

    iCall Suite provides complete communications management that integrates with your telephone system. Users can view real-time and historical call data, see the status of other extensions and securely record all telephone calls.

    iCall gives managers complete visibility of call traffic and call costs for single or multiple sites, with the ability to charge costs to different individuals, departments or clients. Primary call statistics can be displayed on a wallboard or PC monitor.

    Call Management Software

    Log and analyse your communications

    iCall Suite is much more than simple call logging. It is a powerful database engine and a full suite of reports that are designed to give you accurate and useful analysis of your business communications.


    Keep a secure record of all calls

    Call recording is vital for any organisation that is serious about monitoring staff performance and compliance to company guidelines.


    Monitor, manage and control your contact centre

    Up to 10 group performance parameters can be displayed in real-time for any group on a supervisors desktop or on large screens (wallboards) for all to view.

    iCall Suite for Cloud

    What are the benefits of using iCall Suite for Cloud?

    • Monitor all call statistics

    • Quick access via any device
    • Call analytics
    • Accessible from any browser
    • Export and email
    • Mobile-optimised

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