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Ranging from standard mail to hosted exchange

All of our email services are hosted and regularly maintained on-site at 5G, so you can rest assured that with a 5G hosted email solution, you will never again have to worry about losing your email services.

Domain availability checker

Choose a domain name for your business website and use the form below to see if it’s available.  Contact us and we’ll register it for you and point it to your new or existing hosting server.

Standard Mailbox:
Basic security with up to 20Mb storage.

Advanced Mailbox:
Spam and Virus protection with up to 1Gb storage.

MS Hosted Exchange:
Advanced email exchange with full antivirus and large storage.

Hosted Email Options:

5G can monitor virtually any aspect of your IT network infrastructure


No need for an IT team

Get a real business email address

Your emails are secured

Quick and hassle free setup

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