Advantages of business broadband

If you are running a small business or working from home, you may be using your home broadband connection to get on the internet. Business packages are often more reliable and may offer more security if internet access is critical to your business.

Business broadband vs home broadband

Business broadband often offers:

  • better data transfer capabilities – eg more generous or unlimited upload and download allowances, and higher upload speeds than home broadband
  • faster connection speeds – some packages offer priority to business users over the network at peak times
  • lower contention ratio – ie the number of other internet users sharing a server with you is generally lower allowing for greater connection speeds
  • greater efficiency – eg streamlining and automating online tasks , such as linking your online shop with stock control system, transaction processing, order tracking and stock reordering
  • static IP addresses – needed for businesses looking to host their own servers, eg for emails, website hosting or remote connections via the internet
  • tech support – eg service level agreements guaranteeing fix time and priority engineer support
  • additional services – tailored to specific needs of your business, eg email services, data management, upgrades, backup plans, recovery, cloud services, etc

Other benefits of business broadband

Business broadband usually costs more than home packages. However, it is worth weighing the cost against the advantages. A few other benefits of a robust connection can also include:

  • getting you closer to your customers and suppliers, with round-the-clock access to account information, order status and project details
  • enabling you to respond to customers’ email queries or website orders within minutes
  • ensuring communications channels, such as email and video conferencing systems, remain open between you and your staff

Broadband connection that suits the particular needs of your business can help you become more flexible and more able to adapt to your staff, customer and supplier needs.

If you’re not sure which internet access technology would be best suited to your business, read about the different types of broadband connection.