13 Differences Between Broadband And Leased Line Connections

If you’ve been looking at different business broadband options, you’ve probably seen leased lines mentioned a few times. But what are they and how are they different to your current broadband? In this article we’re going to cover a few of the major differences between the two types of connection, focussing less on the technical details [...]

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Your telephone system can help you get more business

The first thing that people think of when you mention their telephone system features are – we can make, take and transfer calls on it – yes, of course this is true but if you implement a few additional features on it, it becomes a little more useful. How? Let me outline a few [...]

The BT Openreach PSTN and ISDN 2025 Switch Off

In 2015, BT announced that they will be switching off the PSTN and ISDN in 2025, marking the biggest change in the telecoms industry for over 30 years, but what does this mean for you? We answer all your burning questions to help you prepare for the approaching deadline. In this article: What is [...]

Feedback from our customers

Feedback from our customers 5G’s commitment to honest, straightforward relationships with our clients sets us apart from the crowd. Don’t just take our word for it, though – have a look at some of the great feedback we’ve had from our customers! View our Customer Reviews

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