Business mobile contracts

Business Mobile Contracts for Unified Communications Enter the new year with a new business mobile contract from 5G and complete your move to Unified Communications. Mobile twinning lets you receive all your office calls on your mobile when you’re out of the office. Start the new decade with a fresh approach to your communications. [...]

Feedback from our customers

Feedback from our customers 5G’s commitment to honest, straightforward relationships with our clients sets us apart from the crowd. Don’t just take our word for it, though – have a look at some of the great feedback we’ve had from our customers! View our Customer Reviews

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What is all this about VoIP and why is it such a huge deal?

I like my current phone system. What is all this about VoIP and why is it such a huge deal? Do you remember GeoCities? What about your first Myspace page? If like me you do, I’m willing to bet you’d rather forget. If you’re (un)lucky enough to stumble across one of these relics of [...]

How can Unified Communications help a multi-site business?

How can Unified Communications help a multi-site business?   Managing communications across all sites of your business with a traditional PBX can be a nightmare. Staff at one site are almost always entirely unaware of what is going on at another – one site can be inundated with calls, whilst another takes none. This [...]

How a Hosted VoIP System will help Your Business

The ways your business can be significantly helped when changing to hosted VoIP phone systems: Cost efficient: VoIP is said to save up to 90 percent of communication costs. This means that the amount saved here can be invested elsewhere in the business. Internet connection speeds are becoming faster and cheaper with each passing [...]

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Advantages of Business Internet Packages

Advantages of business broadband If you are running a small business or working from home, you may be using your home broadband connection to get on the internet. Business packages are often more reliable and may offer more security if internet access is critical to your business. Business broadband vs home broadband Business [...]


Tough Mudder with Ryan and Chris

Competing for good causes Ryan Atkinson and Chris Nolan are pictured at the Tough Mudder with friends competing for a number of good causes! Chris said, 'Despite it taking two weeks to wash the mud out of my beard, it was worth while knowing that our efforts have gone towards helping those less fortunate' [...]


5G Stormers Celebrates with Anna

Marathon a day Anna, the Company’s Fitness Consultant, has come up with a truly phenomenal way of celebrating her 50th birthday. She has been running a full marathon every single day for the whole of May – 31 consecutive days! Our in house running team – the 5G Stormers – have joined her [...]


5G awarded Best Partner of the Year

Global Partner Conference For a second time 5G has been awarded Best Partner of the Year at the 2015 Ericsson-LG Global Partner Conference in Guilin, China having won the award previously at the 2014 Conference in Cancun, Mexico. Our Technical Manager Andre Mellet, seen here with the 2014 trophy received the award on behalf [...]

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Secure Your Telephone System

Phone System Hacking Last year phone fraud cost UK businesses over £16 million. By hacking into your phone system, fraudsters can not only use your phone account to make calls, but it’s also possible for them to steal valuable and confidential data stored on your system. It’s an increasing issue, and complacency could cost [...]

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